Meet Our Staff

Kim Young Director Bio Picture

Kimberly Young


“Be easy on yourself.”

Kimberly’s varied career talents include; management of multi-company operations, care of patients through her previous career as a RN, and in her free time assisting and guiding others in their personal recovery programs. It is through Kim’s journey of Education and life experiences that developed her dedication to helping others and now dedicating her life’s work to a business that will fulfill her vision and desire to help others.

Robert Mogar Lead Clinician Bio Picture

Robert Mogar

CAP, MSW, EMDR Therapist

“The most fulfilling journey of your life begins with step 1.”

Robert since 2004 has remained focused on his passion to help others and choosing to be part of the solution to our nation’s substance abuse epidemic. His education includes Bachelors of Psychology/ Masters in Social Work and is a Licensed Certified Addiction Professional (CAP). Robert’s reputation and community involvement has enhanced theteam network at Break the Cycle. His dedication and experience in the recovery field is a natural fit in working with clients to provide the best possible care.

Robert Mogar, Break the Cycle’s lead clinician is available to provide EMDR therapy services to individuals seeking freedom from single-event and complex trauma.

Dr. Pizza Vivitrol Administrator Bio Picture

Dr. Pizza


Dr. Pizza currently has his Medical License with the National Board of Medical Examiners Florida. He has been practicing medicine for 45 years. Dr. Pizza now integrates his medical expertise into providing the most effective and quality rehabilitative process possible to those struggling with addictive disorders. This includes the ability to administer Vivitrol and managing the aspects of the program to ensure the best possible care for our clients.

Alisha Schmidt Clinician Bio Picture

Alisha Schmidt

Counselor, NCMI

“Success does not happen without some failures. Try, try and try again.”

Alisha is a successful graduate of Break the Cycles’ outpatient program. Her love of recovery has broadened into a professional level. She is currently pursuing her CRPS which will enable her to pursue her goals to incorporate outreach coordination with solution based treatment.

Susan Watson Office Manager Bio Picture

Susan Watson

Bunnell Office Manager

Susan has over 30 years of office and management experience. Her background previously was in healthcare. She has an A.S. degree in Medical Insurance Coding and Billing and is a registered Phlebotomy Technician. Susan lost her oldest son to a drug overdose in January of 2018 after being sober for 10 months. It gave her a drive to reach others and try to help them overcome the life of a drug user. She has fostered several kids and dogs and has a passion for helping others. She’s been married to her husband for 31 years and has one surviving son who is 24.

Suzanne Waybright Office Manager Bio Picture

Suzanne Waybright

Daytona Office Manager

Suzanne was a medic for the federal government for 20 plus years. she has devoted her life to helping others. In 2002 she won the White House medical unit award. Suzanne has two daughters and six granddaughters and a love for humor, she is ambitious and driven and thrives on a challenge she is not comfortable with settling in and always looking for an opportunity to do better. Suzanne cares enough to make a difference.

Jon Forbis Dir. of Communications bio picture

Jon Forbis

“We do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do.”
-James Farmer

Director of Communications

Jon comes to Break the Cycle after years of communications experience, previously working in cybersecurity, digital imaging, and various security practice areas.  Jon has a passion for helping people with substance use disorder and has a personal relationship with recovery.  Before Break the Cycle, Jon led Executive Communications at McAfee, Inc. where he was key in developing relationships that helped McAfee become a thought leader in cybersecurity across global platforms like the World Economic Forum, RSA, TED, and DEFCON.  He served on the communications team as part of; the SIA Program, during McAfee’s integration into the DoD’s Defense Information Systems Agency’s cyber-security architecture, and the subsequent acquisition of McAfee by Intel Corporation.

In more recent years, Jon worked as Dir. of Communications with an advanced digital imaging provider, specifically as a liaison with NASA, CASIS, the Kacena Lab (IU), and the DoD; to help foster awareness around a highly advanced study in bone healing in space, with the end goal to provide progressive treatments to US service members who are victims of IEDs. The study also helped researchers better understand bone healing in microgravity and for future interstellar human travel.  He served in the United States Air Force and during Operation Desert Storm.  Jon has a BS in Visual Communications from Westwood College and now resides in Daytona Beach, working to help others find hope, opportunity, and recovery.